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Basement Conversions

London Lofts and Basements in Chessington KT9 is offering basement renovations and conversions for various property types.  Our experienced team working all around London especially with the local clientele gave us a better understanding of the local area and home structures.  We can help you do any major or minor changes to your basement. We can also renovate or remodel it and convert it into an entirely different room.  We also make sure we work with our client’s budget and make the most out of it to give you value for your money.

Loft Conversions

Do you have a loft that you think would serve better if it was an extra bedroom or an additional useful space in your house? It is not too late to do it because your loft can become what you want it to be with London Lofts and Basements.  We will be happy to send someone from our team of experts to look around and suggest ideas and designs.  We will also walk you through the entire alteration process so that you know what to expect and the resources needed.


When you use a specific area in your home more often than the others, that area will easily be subject to wear and tear. This is why a lot of homeowners across London always call us for bathroom conversions and development projects.  Bathroom restoration is a must to ensure your comfort as well as to maintain its functionality. Our team can alsoupdate your plumbing system, add new features and even restyle your bathroom.  With the kind of top quality service we deliver, your bathroom will look brand new in no time.

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Kitchen conversion and development project is also one of the most popular services we offer.  A lot of homeowners are spending more time in their kitchen and when you do, you start wanting to improve it.  London Lofts and Basements has a lot of designs and ideas that can add more function to a simple kitchen area or we can add more features to help improve your cooking skills.  We can even change a lot of styling elements in your kitchen area to give it a more modern style.


If you are looking for a bigger place but do not have enough budget to move, then get in touch with London Lofts and Basements.  Our room extension services will help expand areas in your house and utilize it to provide you the space you need.  We can show you layouts and floor plans that will give you the idea of what we can do with your current home without having to spend so much.

Full House Refurbishments

If you are planning to put your home in the real estate market in Chessington KT9 then you should make sure it is valued more than it was before.  If you want higher property value or you think it’s about time you give your home a whole new look, call London Lofts and Basements. For full house refurbishments, our best people will be there to provide you the best possible service from planning to construction.

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Take advantage of our free consultation by calling us on 020 7993 5798 or fill out the form on the right and we will always be there to manage any home projects you have.