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Homeowners in Finsbury Park N4 will now have the opportunity to turn their lofts into a more useful area.  London Lofts and Basements is now providing loft conversion services.  Our team is comprised of experts who can turn your loft area into a whole new room which will serve your best needs.  We can convert it into a private space for your guests, a study or work area and even a home gym.  We can talk about the numerous plans on how we can convert your loft or we can work with the ideas you already have.

Basement Conversion

Is your basement slowly turning into a dark, damp and useless space?  Don’t you know that you can actually turn it into a whole new room or even make it into an extra stream of income?  How? By simply making it into a living space complete with a bath, toilet and bedroom.  You can have it rented or if not make it as a place where your guests can stay.  Convert your basement and let our team handle it and turn it into a useful section in your home.


There are a lot of more reasons to restore or remodel your kitchen.  If you want a whole new style or dreaming of a fully-functional kitchen, then it is time you give us a call.  We will provide the services with no one but the best people who can deliver and achieve the changes you need. The various designs and plans that we have in our portfolio will definitely be a great source that you can look at and we can customize it to suit your budget.

House Extensions Muswell Hill


Have you taken a look at your bathroom closely recently? Maybe your bathroom needs some serious cleaning to remove the grime on your tiles or that slimy feeling you get every time you use the different fixtures?  How about your plumbing system that constantly caused you to call the plumber at night?  Any problems you have with your bathroom from simple repairs to overall bathroom conversions, you can trust our team to handle them for you.


Homeowners in Finsbury Park N4 who wants bigger space in their houses to accommodate their increasing needs should call us.  We will be happy to discuss with you customized home extension plans that will solve your problem.  We have years of experience as well as the skills to extend specific areas in your home to give you the space you desire.

Full House Refurbishments

With full house refurbishment, you need people who are skilled and knowledgeable with the existing structure of your home.  London Lofts and Basements have teams that have handled different home structures all around London so we can definitely work with your current home.

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Bathroom Design Hampstead

London Lofts and Basements in Finsbury Park N4 is just a call away on020 7993 5798.  We can also assist you with any questions if you can kindly fill out the form on the right.