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Basement Conversions

Your basement area is the best choice in case you need a new room in your home.  Don’t let it be left unused when you can actually convert it into a bedroom, a guest room, a family entertainment section or just about anything you can think of.  With the team of professionals we have in Highbury N5, you can definitely get the assistance you need who will walk you through the entire conversion process. We have available plans and designs that you can customize to meet your budget and your needs.


A home with a bigger area is more beneficial for homeowners and their families.  Imagine having enough space to put new possessions or just have enough room where you can move and do things comfortably.  Constructing a new room may be too expensive for your budget but creating extensions in certain areas will definitely provide the same results at a lower price.

Loft Conversions

London Lofts and Basements provides loft conversions for different types of properties in Highbury N5.  The years we have worked with various London residences resulted to better understanding the local area and common loft structures.  Discuss with us what you want the outcome to be and what resources you have available and we can show you innovative designs to suit your needs and budget.

Loft Conversions Wandsworth


Kitchen conversion and renovations are becoming popular for homeowners in Highbury N5.  Our services include more than you can imagine.  We can install new lighting systems, splash backs and other protective materials that will not only protect your walls but also give your kitchen more style.  We also install kitchen fixtures or add new sections that can create more functions or efficiency when you cook.


The longer you use your bathroom the more it is subject to wear and tear. Over time you will need to do some changes such as restorations and remodeling.  London Lofts and Basements can assist you in updating, repairing or turning your bathroom back in its tip-top shape. We can also provide a whole new set up like converting your shower into a tub or vice versa. Your satisfaction is our priority so you can expect us to provide you the best services you can find in Highbury N5.

Full House Refurbishments

If you are planning to put your home on the real estate market and get a higher value or if you feel it’s about time you deserve a whole new home without moving, a full house refurbishment is what you need.  London Lofts and Basements in Highbury N5 have the best professionals who will be there to provide you our assistance in this major undertaking starting from planning up to construction.

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Bathroom Design Hampstead

London Lofts and Basements is always delighted to hear from you and offer you the help you need for any home projects you have.  Call us on020 7993 5798 or fill out the form in the right and we will always be ready to have a team to work for you.