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Basement Conversions

If you have a basement in Highgate N6and are planning to utilize it more than what it is now, then we will be glad to do a conversion project for you.  You can turn your basement into a whole new room, a private office, an entertainment room, a workshop or a guest area.  You can also convert it in a multi-function room.  With the help of London Lofts and Basements your basement can become one of the most useful sections in your home.

Lofts Conversion

Converting your loft is one of the best services we do in Highgate N6.  We can show the designs and finished loft conversion projects we have so we can discuss possible conversion options that you might be interested in.  Even with a limited budget, you can still have the kind of loft conversion you want because we have so many alternatives and plans that you can choose from.


Lacking living space in your home can limit your lifestyle and stop you from doing what you want. Most homeowners would consider moving to a new home but it is too impractical and inconvenient nowadays.  If your home is too cramped for your taste, then having an extension can provide a big relief.  No need for you to overthink yourself on how it can happen because our team will do the thinking for you.  Call us and we can visit your home to discuss how we can go about it.

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Do you want to do something to your kitchen like changing the way it looks or how it is laid out?  London Lofts and Basements is ready to help you anytime with whatever changes you want for your kitchen.  You can set up a new cooking area or maybe update your old countertops into something more modern.  No matter what kitchen development you want to do, let us handle the job and be amazed at what our team of experts can do.


The plumbing system in your bathroom can work erratically or your bathroom tiles can lose its luster overtime especially if a lot of people are using it every day.  London Lofts and Basements are known for the reliable services we provide our clients in Highgate N6.  We can help install bathroom fixtures and accents to give your bathroom a refreshing look that will help you relax more.  Share with us the changes you want and we will make it happen.

Full House Refurbishments

Full house refurbishments are major home renovation projects that should only be handled by experts. You can’t just have anyone to redo your whole home because when the results are less satisfactory, you will end up paying more than you should.  London Lofts and Basements has been a trusted name not just in room conversion projects but also for full house refurbishments.  If you are planning a major change for your whole house, then give it to our team who can produce the best results.

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London Lofts and Basements is the supreme choice when it comes to Highgate N6 property conversions. Let us prove it to you giving us a call on 020 7993 5798 or by filling out the form on the right.