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Basement Conversion

Basement conversion is your answer if you need another room or an extra living space in your house.  London Lofts and Basements can turn your basement into an extra room, a work or study area or even into an entertainment section where you can welcome guest or hold gatherings.  With our wide range of services and numerous design portfolios, you can get more ideas on how to best use your basement.

Lofts Conversion

Loft conversion services in North Finchley N12 are now available for home owners who want to maximize the use of every area in their house.  If you desire to convert your loft into a new private place or if you want it to serve new functions, feel free to let us know. We can discuss the ideas and plans you have and show you how we can make it better.No matter how you want to convert your loft, we will always work with you towards your goal.


If you reside in a house for years, most likely you will encounter space issues or long for a bigger or more airy space. It is normal you gain more things than when you first started or you have more people in your home.  This is why we offer room extension services to address that exact need.  We don’t just break walls but we make sure the end result is what you were dreaming of.

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Full House Refurbishments

You need only people who have the skills and the knowledge to work with the existing structure of your home if you are looking for a full house refurbishment.  No team can do it better than London Lofts and Basements.  Our years of working with clients all around London give us an understanding of the local structures and knowledge of environmental factors are necessary to make the whole renovation a success.  Make your home a future investment with major house projects done by us.


Are you planning to change your shower into a luxurious tub where you can relax?  Or maybe you want a different lighting system or restyle your bathroom and make it more modern?  Our London Lofts and Basements team in North Finchley N12 can renovate your bathroom, change fixtures, work with your plumbing system or redesign the whole area into the style you now want.


A lot of kitchen styles and modernizations are tempting a whole lot of homeowners to renovate their kitchens.  If you want a fully functional kitchen, new cupboards, a kitchen island or a comfy breakfast nook, then let us give you a free initial consultation.  Whatever changes you want for your kitchen, may it be minor or not, our team will definitely be glad to be of service to you.

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London Lofts and Basements in North Finchley N12 can provide you home conversion and other major property services you are looking for. Call us on020 7993 5798 or fill out the form on the right to avail of our free initial consultation.