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Basement Conversions
It is a privilege for any homeowner in Golders Green NW11 to have a basement in their home because this is one section that you can convert into so many uses. London Lofts and Basements have worked with residents in converting their basements into a study, their own family entertainment room or even an area where their guests can sleepover. With the designs and plans we can discuss with you, you will be surprised how many countless options you have to convert your basement.

Lofts Conversion
If you have a loft in your home that you no longer use or find very useful, then it is about time you consult with our team. We have alternative solutions on how you can convert your loft into another living area in your home. You can use it not just for storage but we can add sections to accommodate additional features like a workshop or a library. You can even turn it into a bedroom complete with its own bath. Nothing is undoable with our expertise.

It is normal for every homeowner to have a bigger family or have new possessions. This means that the home you have can sometimes become too crowded that you no longer feel comfortable. Well, London Lofts and Basements will not let you feel uncomfortable in your own home due to lack of space. With our Extension Services, we can help add more area to cater to your needs. We will work with you every step so you will know how these changes can be done.

Do you want to start cooking in your very own customized kitchen? We can make this happen for any residents in Golders Green NW11. Our teams don’t just handle lofts and basements but we can as well help renovate, remodel or redesign any section in your home especially your kitchen. We can add a new counter, a kitchen island, change countertops and give your kitchen a personality of its own so you are inspired more to prepare your meals.

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Have you been thinking a lot about how you want to change your bathroom? Whether you want a bigger space, a different bath system or a whole new design, we are ready to help you out. We can help install new features, remodel the ones you already have, remove the grime and dirt that is making your surfaces look dull or even install an efficient plumbing system. We can also update the lighting to make the ambiance more relaxing for you every time you step into your bathroom.

Full House Refurbishments
A full house refurbishment is what you need if you want to sell your home at a higher value or if you want a total makeover. Our team in Golders Green NW11 is capable and efficient in handling major property projects. We will provide you a free consultation and we will show you why we deserve your full confidence in handling your property.

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