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A lot of home owners are finding more reasons to restore their kitchens. Whether you want a whole new style or want a fully-functional kitchen complete with an island or a breakfast nook, our best people can help you decide. We can show you various designs that we have implemented in the different kitchens in Hampstead NW3. Our clients are all satisfied because not only we have the best plans but we can also cater to any specifications they need.

Thinking of replacing your shower with a luxurious tub where you can soak in? Or maybe your bathroom needs some serious cleaning with the black mold around your faucet or the grime on your tiles? If you have several problems that are too complicated for even the best plumber can handle, our team will be glad to help you out. Remember whether you need remodeling or help with your bathroom problems, London Lofts and Basement team are happy to serve.

Basement Conversion
Don’t know what to do with your basement that you are now turning it into a dark, damp, useless space? Basements are one of the most functional areas in your home because of its location. Basements are ideal as workshops, study, entertainment or guest room. We can come up with so many ways to convert your basement and turn it into something you’ve never thought of before.

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Lofts Conversion
Homeowners in Hampstead NW3 will no longer have to worry about what to do with their existing Lofts. London Lofts and Basements are proud to offer the expertise we have when it comes to turning your loft area into another living space or a whole new function room which will serve your best needs. We can add a bathroom and turn it into a private space for your guests, family member or have it available for a tenant. We are more than willing to sit down and discuss numerous plans on how we can convert your loft.

Most home owners find themselves wanting more space in a specific room to accommodate their increasing needs. We can help you out by visiting your homes and discussing with you the possible options for room extensions. Our expertise and resources can do more than just break down walls because we know how to integrate and utilize any space available.

Full House Refurbishments Hampstead NW3
If you want an overall makeover of your full House Refurbishments, you need people who are skilled and knowledgeable with the existing structure of your home. London Lofts and Basements are very familiar working with the housing conditions in Hampstead NW3. We know the local structures and other surrounding factors needed to make the renovation process a success.

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London Lofts and Basements in Hampstead NW3 is just a call away at 020 7993 5798. Or if you have further questions about the kind of services we deliver, just fill out the form on the right. We are glad to give you a free initial consultation so you can experience our expertise first hand.