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Loft Conversions
Are you thinking about turning your loft into an extra room or an additional useful space in your house? Your loft is an ideal area if you are thinking of adding more functional space. It can be converted into a workshop, a library, a home gym or maybe as a specific area where you can welcome guests to stay for a while. Our team from London Lofts and Basements Harlesden NW10 will always have someone who will walk you through the entire conversion project. We have available outlines and designs to customize them for your own specific needs.

Basement Conversions
Our services include basement renovations and conversions for the different property types Harlesden NW10. Our years of experience with the local clientele gave us the knowledge and the expertise to better understand the local area and home structures. We can help you do minor changes to your basement like damp-roofing if that’s what you want or we can remodel it and turn it into a different room. With the available budget you have, we can show you available designs to make your basement better than before.

Are you in need of a bigger space but don’t have the money to move out and find a new home? With London Lofts and Basements, you don’t have to waste time and money looking for a new property. With what you have right now, we can help you with your space issue by offering our house extension services. With our help, we can look for an area in your house and develop it to provide you the space you need. Check our floor plans and discuss with us your ideas so you will know what we can do with your current home without having to move out.

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Our kitchen remodels and projects are becoming popular around London. We can help install splashbacks to protect your walls and provide additional features to give your kitchen a more modern and functional look. Our team came up with their designs and ideas that can help any homeowners with their kitchen development projects. Become a better and more confident cook with a kitchen that can provide you with what you need.

When a room is used frequently, all its parts including the walls, floors and surfaces are subject to wear and tear. This holds true with any bathroom in every home in Harlesden NW10. This is why we offer bathroom restorations and remodeling services. We can make your bathroom look new again or update how it looks with new functional designs, fixtures and lighting system. We can also set up an efficient plumbing system.

Full House Refurbishments
If you are planning to put your home in the market with a higher value or you think it’s about time you give it a whole new look, call London Lofts and Basements. For full house refurbishments, our people will be there to provide you the best service available. We provide a free consultation as well so we can both discuss how to go about the whole development together.

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Give us a call at us at 020 7993 5798 or fill out the form in the right and we will always be ready to help you out in making your homes better.