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London Lofts and Basements offer loft conversion services to all residents of Kingsbury NW9.  The years and experience we gained working with clients all around London enabled our team of experts to do the best conversion services you will ever find.  We can convert your lofts based on what your needs are and we can also show you our very own innovative designs to make your loft into a useful section of your home.

Basement Conversions

Are you thinking about redesigning your basement into another bedroom or an extra functional space in your home?  Your basement is the ideal place if you want to create an area where you can get more privacy.  You can also convert it to a guest room if you want other people to have place when they come visit your home.  With our free consultation, we can provide you someone who can talk to you the various options you have in this conversion process.  Our very own available designs and plans that you can use with your own ideas will surely motivate you to start your basement conversion project.


We will help develop your kitchen to be more than just a place where you can cook.  For homeowners in Kingsbury NW9, we can help renovate or redesign your kitchens into an area that can do more for you and your family.  We can build additional kitchen sections, we can replace old countertops, install sink backsplash, or even update your kitchen color schemes.  Our team will discuss with you various ideas you will surely like to make you love cooking more.

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Have you been having problems with your bathroom like mildew, grime and slimy surfaces?  Or maybe your plumbing system is no longer working sound?  London Lofts and Basements is your one-stop solution.  We don’t just make your bathroom look new and sparkling again.  Not only that but we can also help remodel your bathroom if you want a whole new style or want to add new functions for your own comfort.


Do you want a bigger space in your home so you can freely move and do things you want?  To most homeowners, as their families grow or they acquire more things, they tend to move out but this is very impractical with the financial times nowadays.  To save you more money and provide you the space you need, London Lofts and Basements provide room extension services.  We can visit your property and check the areas where you can best have the space you need.

Full House Refurbishments

The full house refurbishment services we provide will give your home a whole new life and even increase your property value high enough to make it a good future investment.  Considered as one of the major home improvement project providers, London Lofts and Basements can successfully accomplish this major development for you.Our professional team can offer to set a schedule for a free consultation and we are willing to visit your home and do a survey and discuss with you how we can change your home into your dream house.

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