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Basement Conversion

Are you considering changing your basement into another useful section in your home? Having your basement converted into a whole new room is best done with people who have the skills to carry out the whole project successfully.  We can show you our own creations and plans that you can use to get ideas from with how you want your basement to look like. We will also be assisting you all throughout the process even at the start where planning and scheduling are crucial.  We are flexible and efficient and we make sure to customize our projects based on our clients’ needs.

Loft Conversions

Your loft can be converted not just into an area where you can store unused things.  This section can serve more purpose than being your storage.  With London Lofts and Basements we worked with home owners in Park Royal NW10 converting their lofts into useful living spaces.  You can have a guest bedroom, an additional bedroom, a study or work area and even a recreation room where you can hang out. We can show you plans and designs and discuss with you how to best go about the conversion process.


Space problems at home can make you consider moving out but not all find this very practical. However, it is also unfortunate for residents to feel stifled in their own homes.  This is where London Lofts and Basements can help you out.  Our house extension services will provide you the space you need without having to spend too much.  Keep your budget in place and your homes more comfortable with the help of our professionals.

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There will always come a time that you need to do renovations to keep your bathroom in tiptop shape.  We have skilled people in our team that will help you check and if needed redo your plumbing system.  We can also redesign your whole bathroom area, update your bath system, and change your tiles, walls, floors and surfaces.  We openly share with our clients how we do these projects so you are with us every step of the way.


Have you seen the latest kitchen styles that leave you wishing you had seen it before?  Nothing is too late for London Lofts and Basements.  Give us a call and we will show you how we can incorporate those new designs and make it possible for your kitchen to look like the one you’ve seen in the magazines. We have experts and professionals that can help you create customized designs based on your personal choices or what specific function you want to add.

Full House Refurbishment

London Lofts and Basements also can handle full house refurbishment if you want to have a total property makeover or if you want to have your property ready in the real estate market. We provide homeowners in Park Royal NW10 with free consultation since we take all our projects seriously and want new clients to get a feel of how we do things.

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