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London Lofts and Basements has been working with loft conversions all around St John’s Wood NW8. The people in our teams have been with us for a long time now so we can vouch for their skills and professionalism.  They have worked on loft conversion projects so if you think your loft is ready to serve you a new purpose, give us a call.  We can help convert your loft into a useful space such as making it into a guest bedroom, a mini library or a home office.  We also have designs and floor plans you might be interested to look at.

Basement Conversions

Having a basement in your home is a big advantage especially if you are planning on an extra room.  Basements are mostly taken for granted by homeowners, however this is a very favorable place in your home that can be converted.   Don’t let it rot in the dark because with our team, you can turn it into your own family hangout, entertainment room or even a workshop.  Not only that but we can convert your basement into a separate living area where you can have it rented to tenants for additional income.


London Lofts and Basements can also help you if you want your bathroom renovated.  If you are tired of how it looks for years now, then it is about time you try out new styles or colors.  We can replace surfaces, tiles, walls and even change your bathing system from shower to tub, vice versa or both.  If you have a hard time with the plumbing system, we can take care of it as well.  Make your bathroom more stylish, modern and relaxing with our services.

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Does your kitchen no longer inspire you to make homemade dishes?  Maybe a few changes can bring back your cooking skills.  We have been doing kitchen conversion projects and we are here for either small or big changes you plan.  We can bring the spark to your kitchen, add new features or accommodate an additional countertop.  If you want your kitchen organized or have a new life, we can deliver the results you desire.


Want wider space in your home? Then we can offer you our room extension services.  No matter where you want it done in your home, our people can skillfully extend spaces and work smoothly with the design of your home.  No need for a whole new house because after we’re done, you’ll be surprised how much area will become available at a very reasonable cost.

Full House Refurbishments

Is it time for you to stage your home or give it an overall change?  Our full house refurbishment services in St John’s Wood NW8 will help you do the overall change based on your plans and the budget you have.  Our team is known for their attention to details and careful planning that are necessary in doing major home projects like this.  You can even avail of our free consultation so we can talk over the available plans, designs and how to go about the whole process to make your house a whole new home.

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London Lofts and Basements is just a call away at 020 7993 5798.  You can also use the form on the right to send us further inquiries.