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Loft Conversions
London Lofts and Basements provide loft conversion services to the local homeowners of Swiss Cottage NW3. Our team of experts can turn a simple loft into a multi-function room complete with its own bathroom, bedroom and a small living area. If you want something simpler, we can come up with various color schemes to give it a fresh look. We respect what our clients want and whether the changes may be minimal or not, we will still put the best people on the job.

Basement Conversions
A lot of homeowners have realized that their basement is a potential waiting to happen. Being a more isolated part of your home, it can best be turned into a secluded living area where you and your family can share private times. You can set up an entertainment system, a recreation room or make it into a family room with different sections.

If you like your home as it is but only worried about the space you have, then London Lofts and Basements Swiss Cottage NW3 can provide you the kind of space extension you need. Room extensions work best if the people doing it are aware of the structure of your home so as to lessen the possible changes needed. Our team has been working on so many room extension projects that they know how to deal with any area from any angle of your home.

Loft Conversions Wandsworth

A new shower system, an additional tub, a brand new tile surface or adding accent to your bathroom fittings are just some of the things we can do for you. Share with us what you want your bathroom to look like or what are the things that are in need of attention. Talking to our team will not only guarantee that you get what you want across but it will also give you a fresh insight as we share with you our designs and plans.

Want a new look for your kitchen area? If cooking is a big part of your life, then your kitchen should be a priority. We can help you out with not just a fresh perspective but also we can add new features that will help you use your kitchen with ease. We can help remodel the whole kitchen or we can just change specific aspects that you desire. Or if you want something customized for your cooking hobby or career, just say it and we will integrate it with our renovation.

Full House Refurbishments
Fully refurbishing your house means you have to work with the existing structure. Only the best team can handle a successful full house refurbishment and we are proud to let you know we never left a client unhappy with what we do. Meticulous planning is necessary so that whatever plans you have; it can be completed with accuracy.

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Bathroom Design Hampstead

London Lofts and Basements have handled so many property projects in the whole London area. We are bringing our expertise here at Swiss Cottage NW3. Take advantage of our free initial consultation by calling us at 020 7993 5798 or by filling out the contact form on the right.