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Basement Conversions

Homeowners in Herne Hill SE24 are now starting to see the benefits they can get from basement conversions.

Basements are usually left untouched where darkness and dampness can render it into a useless area in your home.  However with the help of the London Lofts and Basements team, you can now turn it into a whole new room.  Make it an extra bedroom, a den, a guest room or an entertainment area.  Anything is possible with our conversion services.

 Lofts Conversion

Loft conversions are most successful if you work with the team that has the skills and expertise to plan, design and build your vision.  Our years of servicing London’s homeowners and turning their once unused loft into a whole new living space everyone can enjoy is now available for the residents of Herne Hill SE24. We can help you customize your loft, design it or turn it into a room where your needs will be met without having to spend more than you should.


Whether you think your kitchen needs some intense cleaning, or a new set-up or even a new style, our team will always be available to assist you.  We can make your kitchen surfaces and fixtures look new, help organize a whole new set-up and we can give it a whole new makeover.  Whatever plan you have for your kitchen or your cooking career, London Lofts and Basements will work with you side by side.

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Additional area in your home is advantageous especially with the times right now where it is not convenient and cheap to look for a bigger house and move out of the area.  Our extension services in Herne Hill SE24 can  turn a specific area in your house into something wider than before to solve your space issues. Our team will also be happy to do it when you think will be most convenient for you so it won’t interrupt your daily routine.


You use your bathroom at least once every day and there will come a time that you have to do some renovations to keep it in excellent shape.  With just a call away, we can provide you services from remodeling to redesigning your whole bathroom area.  We can also redo your plumbing system if it is no longer working perfectly.

Full House Refurbishment

London Lofts and Basements in Herne Hill SE24 area not only provide house conversions or extensions but also can expertly handle full house refurbishments.  Major home projects can give an overall transformation to your property if you think you need more than just a single area changed. We are professionals who have been working in the Herne Hill SE24 and we work with our clients in drawing up plans and designing so we can give them the results they want.

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Home and room renovations should not be an inconvenient process for any homeowner. Our goal is to provide you the best services in London. Call us on 020 7993 5798 or you can fill out the form on the right for any questions you have. We also provide free initial consultation for interested homeowners.