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Loft Conversion
We at London Lofts & Basements can help with your Loft conversions in Sydenham SE26. With our highly trained specialists, we can turn your loft into a much better place, without hurting your budget. We have designs and plans that we can show you so you have more ideas on how you want to turn your loft into a much useful location.

Basement Conversions

Our team of experts will cover all of the needed works for your basement if ever you are in Sydenham SE26.Working with your basement won’t be a problem due to our teams’ experience. We will be there to help you decide on what would be best for you.  Imagine a whole new living section such as a guest room, a study or a work area instead of a damp and dark basement.


Working on your kitchen would be easy if you pick the right team to help you out. London Lofts and Basements will assist you on how this could be done and with that we will make your kitchen a place where you could also bond with your family or better your cooking skills. Just give us a call and we can send a professional team for a free initial consultation.

Loft Conversions Wandsworth


If you need assistance on how to extend a specific area or room in your house, we have skilled professionals to work with you. Having the right people at your service will not only make the whole project convenient but can also save you a lot of time and money. We have experts who would be there to guide you and willing to listen to your ideas and needs.


Would you like to have your bathroom redesigned?  Do you have problems with old and overused fixtures? Or maybe your plumbing system is keeping you up all night?  If you experience any of these problems or just want to remodel your bathroom for some other reason, feel free to reach us. We can have a team ready to work on your bathroom and give it the kind of conversion you think of.

Full House Refurbishment

London Lofts and Basements will make your home improve its overall appearance or increase its market value when you let us do your full house refurbishment. We guarantee that everything we do with regards to handling this major home remodeling will satisfy you and give value for your money. 

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Bathroom Design Hampstead
For any home projects in Sydenham SE26, London Lofts and Basements is at your service. Use the contact form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also ask about our free initial consultation by calling us on 020 7993 5798.