Home Area

Wanting to have a bigger living area or a spacious bedroom? We are here to make the whole process easy and affordable for you. Whether you have an unfinished extension project going on or want to start from scratch, we have all the right people to work with you. Our expertise in creating designs, planning layouts and building extensions will definitely give you the best value for your money.

Lofts Conversion
Do you have plans for transforming your loft into another bedroom or an extra functional space in your home? Lofts are ideal if you want to create a more reserved space and you can even have it rented for additional income. With the experts we have in the Battersea area, you can hire someone who will walk you through the whole conversion process. We have available designs and plans that you can easily integrate with your own ideas.

Basement Conversions
London Lofts and Basements offer basement conversion services locally in Battersea. The years we have worked with local clients give us the know-how on what is the best plans and designs that works best in the basement area. We can discuss your proposals on the kind of change you want and we will plan and design it together based on the available budget you have. Our team wants nothing but to give you the kind of basement you want.

Loft Conversions Wandsworth

Kitchen development is one of the best things that we provide our clients with for years in Battersea. Do you want to add a kitchen island or change your countertops? Do you want a different color on your walls and change your cupboard doors? Remodeling your kitchen will give your home a whole new oomph and even increase your home value. Considered as one of the major home improvements you can have, we provide you no one but the best people who can build it for you.

Are you tired of how your bathroom looks or are you having frequent issues with your plumbing system? With just a call to us, we can discuss the kind of renovations you need. We can change bathroom fixtures, provide you a better plumbing system or upgrade your bathroom to a more modern look. It’s about time that we give your bathroom a better feel and comfort for your own luxury.

Full House Refurbishments
If you want not just a simple change but a full house refurbishment and remodeling, we are happy to help you do major changes. Our team can set schedule to full house refurbishment for a free consultation and we are very happy to visit your home and do a survey. We can talk about your needs, assess your requirements and show you available options that will assist you.

Bathroom Remodel Kensington
Bathroom Design Hampstead
London Lofts and Basements is just a call away at 020 7993 5798. We also have a contact form on the right in case you need to send us a message anytime. Our team is more than willing to help you out for any home projects you have in Battersea.