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Lofts Conversion
For those who are in Southfields, our loft conversion services are available to provide you with your needs in refurbishing your lofts. Our team can design, style and refurbish your loft and make it feel like a whole new home for you. We allow our clients to work with us all throughout the process from planning to construction so we can easily work with you and your budget.

Basement Conversions
Having a basement in your home means you have the option to create another habitable area without having to expand outside. Our Southfields basement conversion team is comprised of highly skilled people who understand the different specifics a Southfields resident needs base on their experience. If you have been longing to convert your basement or use the area to increase your home value, then our experts will bring your vision into reality.

Kitchens are one of the most used areas in any residence and if you are looking to give it an air of fresh breath, our Southfields team can develop it for you. We offer customized developments where your plans and ideas can be easily catered by our designers. You will never have to worry if you can achieve the kind of look you want because we are experts in customized kitchen conversions in the Southfield area.

Loft Conversions Wandsworth

As your needs change, you will find it necessary to change your homes as well to cater to these needs. If you want to extend a specific room or create a new living space without much hassle on your end, then call us. We can provide you with a free initial consultation which will give you a great opportunity to discuss the changes with someone who is experienced with home designs in Southfields. Put an end to just wanting a bigger space and talk with us about your plans.

How many times have you taken a shower and realized that you need a bigger space or want to give your bathroom a new look? Even if you don’t have anything specifics in mind, our Southfields team can discuss with you what is the best way to give your bathroom that makeover. Whether it is the plumbing system or the overall appearance, there’s nothing our team of experts can’t handle.

Full House Refurbishments
If you are planning to sell your home or give it the total makeover, don’t hesitate to call our Southfields team. Full house refurbishments whether to have a higher home value or make it good as new is something we excel in doing and you can even take part from planning to completion as we feel comfortable working with clients.

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Bathroom Design Hampstead

Development projects in Southfields don’t have to be expensive and should be done with the right people at London Lofts and Basements. Use the contact form on the right or call us at 020 7993 5798 for any questions. We will get back to you as soon as we can for an initial consultation or to provide you further information about our services.