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Do you own a loft in Wimbledon that needs attention? Loft conversions right now are getting prevalent in London since this area in your home can be used in so many ways. You can convert it into an extra bedroom, a utility room, a private space or even rent it out. Our services in London Lofts and Basements provide you the best option when it comes to designing and renovating your loft area.

Meals you prepare should come from nothing but the best possible kitchen you can have. If you want to change the set up to accommodate additional features or you just want to have a new look, we can help you with putting it into reality. Not only do we work in specific kitchen areas or aspects you want to change but we can work with the whole room and give it a whole new design.

Are you thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover? We provide custom bathroom solutions that cover any possible needs you require. Make your bathroom a place where you can have a comfortable and refreshing privacy. We can show you the best bath and shower systems that will best fit your lifestyle. Our expertise can deliver any changes you desire and we welcome your involvement when it comes to ideas and coming up with an affordable budget.

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Basement Conversions
Our teams have been working with basement conversions in the Wimbledon area for quite a few years now. This has given us more opportunities and experience to understand the best designs and schemes that will work with the local structures. We provide basement renovations, damp-proofing and will even help you decide how to utilize the area for its full functionality. Your basement can become something you never dreamed of is possible.

Years of having the same area in your home can become inconvenient and undesirable especially if your family is growing or your needs are increasing. No need for you to look for another house or property that will cater to these changes. Just call us and we will assist you in extending your home or any room you desire. Extending your living areas is way better than looking for a new one considering the rising market cost of properties right now.

Full House Refurbishments
Thinking of selling your property to get the best price or you want a total alteration of your home for aesthetic purposes? Full house refurbishments require careful planning in order to make the new plan work with the present structure of your home. Leave that in our own hands and we will provide you the best plan, design and construction that will give you the most value for the price you can afford.

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We take customer satisfaction a top priority here in London Lofts and Basements. We work with our clients from the first time they meet us to the end of the projects we handle. Contact us by filling out the form to the right or talk with us by calling 020 7993 5798.