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Basement Conversions
Are you planning to turn your basement into an alternate room or an additional useful space in your house in Hammersmith W6? The basement is always the best area in your home if you are thinking of adding more functional space.  You can also use it as a source of income by renting it out. The team of London Lofts and Basements will provide you someone who will walk you through the entire alteration process. You are free to look at our available outlines and designs to customize them for your own needs.

Loft Conversions
We are offering loft renovations and conversions for the different property types in Hammersmith W6.  Our long-time experience with the local clientele gave us the knowledge to better understand the local area and home structures.  We can help you do minor changes to your loft if that’s what you want or we can remodel it and turn it into an entirely different room. With the available budget you have, we can assure you that the outcome will make your loft better than before.

Do you want a bigger place but do not have enough budget to move to a different home?  With London Lofts and Basements, you don’t have the need to.  With our extension services, we can look for an area in your house and utilize it to provide you the space you need.  Our innovative layouts and floor plans will give you the idea of what we can do with your current home without having to spend as much.

Loft Conversions Wandsworth

The more you use your bathroom everyday, the faster it is subjected to wear and tear.  In the long run, bathroom restoration is a must to ensure your comfort in using this room in your house.  We can reconstruct, remodel and update your plumbing system.  Our team can provide you the best services to make your bathroom look like new again.

Our kitchen renovations and development projects are becoming popular in Hammersmith W6.  We can help mount splash backs to protect your walls and additional features to give your kitchen a new look.  Our team has a lot of designs and ideas that can add more function or efficiency when you cook or when you use your kitchen.  We can even add more elements into your kitchen area or change the style to a more modern one.

Full House Refurbishments
Sometimes room renovations may not be enough for your property.  If you are planning to put it on the market with a higher value or you think it’s about time you give it a whole new look, call London Lofts and Basements. For full house refurbishments, our people will be there to provide you topnotch services from planning to construction.

Bathroom Remodel Kensington
Bathroom Design Hampstead

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