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Full House Refurbishments
Homeowners in Kensington W10 who want to fully refurbish their homes will need the best people to work with.  Whether you want to beautify your home or you are planning to increase its value for the real estate market, London Lofts and Basements can take on any development projects you have in mind.  Our team can provide you the professional services you need for your home makeover.  We have various people who are the best in the different aspects of the whole process such as planning, designing and construction.  We will work with you each step of the way so you are updated on where we are on your house refurbishment.

If you no longer feel relaxed and refreshed after you use your bathroom, maybe it’s time to do some changes.  Giving your bathroom a whole new look and style can make you feel renewed.  Or maybe all you need is just a new plumbing system so everything in your bathroom is working efficiently.  Whatever you think is in need of repairing or redesigning in your bathroom, we can help you decide and deliver the work.

Kitchen is where you prepare warm meals for yourself and for your family. Homeowners in Kensington W10 are now finding a lot of ways to make their kitchen more functional by adding new features like a kitchen island or a breakfast nook.  Others are changing their countertops or even redesigning their kitchen’s style.  No matter what you want for your kitchen, we are here to help you from cleaning to designing. Converting your kitchen for your needs is one of the best services we do here in London.

Loft Conversions Wandsworth

Are you looking for a wider living space because your home is getting a bit too crowded?  Is the space problem something you can’t seem to solve because you are worried it will be too inconvenient on your part?  London Lofts and Basements can do house extensions properly without causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents.  We have experienced people who can design and construct extensions based on your current home structure so you can expect that it won’t cost you more than it should.

Basement Conversion
Our basement conversion services include renovating, building and damp-proofing.  Our team can turn your basement into an additional room for recreation or work.  We can also make it into an extra living space so you can entertain your guests more often or accept tenants as an additional source of income.

Lofts Conversion
We can convert your loft from a storage area into another room in your home.  You can have your own library, workshop, entertainment room or even a gym section.  With the different plans and designs available, you will look at your loft at an entirely different light.

Bathroom Remodel Kensington
Bathroom Design Hampstead

London Lofts and Basements can give you a hand whether you want room conversions, renovations or having a full house refurbishment.  You can call us at 020 7993 5798 or fill out the form on the right if you have any questions or want us to get in touch with you.