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Basement Conversions
Do you want to make the most out of your home in Shepard’s Bush W12? Then start looking at how you can utilize your basement. London Lofts and Basements have people who are the best in helping you with the basement conversion. We can provide free consultation and we will discuss with you the possibilities of what your basement can be like. No matter what you want to turn it into such as a living area or an extra room, we will convert it to your satisfaction.

Do you want to develop your kitchen and turn it into a more functional area than it is? There are a lot of modern kitchen styles and designs that you can use and apply to your kitchen renovation project.  We can help you plan and carry it out not just to improve how your kitchen looks but also to add more features. We can add a different lighting system or maybe a whole new surface on your counter.  Whatever change we do will make big difference if it is done by our team.

If you need someone to remodel your bathroom in Shepard’s Bush W12, we can send someone to discuss it with you.  We offer custom solutions for homeowners who want to remodel their bathrooms. We have many bathroom designs and efficient plumbing systems that you can choose from and which will suit your budget and needs.

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Loft Conversions
The loft in your home has so many potentials to be converted into a different and more functional room. Loft conversion is popular for homeowners in London. It is usually unnoticed and just ends up as storage rooms or empty space.  But with London Lofts and Basements it can become more.  With our available designs and layouts, you can decide for yourself how to turn your loft into a useful area in your house.

Want to have more space in your home or a specific room? Room extensions are not easy projects as they need the right people with the skills and accuracy to avoid structural damage.  Our people know how to go about these types of projects and carry out that plan smoothly.  With London Lofts and Basements you can get the right team to help you with house extension projects at a reasonable price.

Full House Refurbishments
Full House Refurbishments in Shepard’s Bush W12 is one of the services we offer.  We can modify your home through proper planning and construction so it will not be inconvenient on your end. We have professionals that understand how important your daily routine is so we always make sure we won’t get on your way of having debris littering around your path.

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If you have any development projects for your home or property, feel free to contact us anytime by filling out the form to the right or you can also give us a call at 020 7993 5798 during office hours.